A riding school, where there were formerly airships, giant whales’ skeletons in a parking lot, a bunker hidden under a school, an elevator that never stops, an infinity system of tunnels under a hospital, amazing secret museums, unknown architectural gems, hidden gardens …

Whether you are living in Copenhagen or just visiting, the city offers a surprising wealth of sights away from the popular tourist tracks and all the clichés. This book is a must for those who think to know Copenhagen and for those who just wanted to explore the city from one second perspective.

Johanne Steenstrup (b. 1968). Anthropologist and curator. For many years employed with museum education at the royal palaces and gardens. Today with the Danish National Museum working on its visitor programmes.

Klaus Dahl (b. 1972). Art historian. Since 2003 employed as registrar and curator with the decorative arts collections at the royal palaces.

224 pages – ISBN: 978-2-36195-178-8 – $21,95 – €17,95 – £14,99

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